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About Blosh

Since the start in 1998 Blosh is a progressive and rapidly growing fashion company with a diversified portfolio of unique niche brands, founded by the ambitious entrepreneur Rob Groenteman. Over the years the company has developed to a leading distributor and brand developer of two very successful self-established brands which is nowadays located at NDSM in Amsterdam.

With an unconventional portfolio of brands, Blosh is lucrative in its ability to cover a large market share and satisfy a broad target audience. By exporting its brands through various countries within Europe the company keeps expanding. It fuses exclusive and commercial brands and exhibits all products at an inspiring location. The industrial and robust exterior of our head quarter reflects the power and passion of the people working inside.

The knowledge Blosh gained from operating successfully in the fashion industry has led to developing own brands. While Blosh never loses focus on the needs of the client, next to the distribution of other brands, she designs and develops her own niche and commercial brands. From the first sketch to a package leaving the warehouse, all processes are done in-house and based on our background and experience, we strive to take a leading position in the current fashion scene.

With a strongly client-oriented approach, Blosh seeks to form a unique bond with each client and find a suitable solution, while enhancing the bond between effective distribution, development, and efficient service.


Blueprint for fashion | Loving our clients | Open minded for expansion | Solid team | High-end service 


Blosh BV
Toetsenbordweg 22
1033 MZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel. +31(0) 20 354 0349