We as Blosh are a progressive and rapidly growing fashion company, who have diversified our portfolio with unique niche brands since our birth in 1998. Nowadays we are a leading distributor and brand developer based in the northern industrial part of Amsterdam, which makes us one-of-a-kind in the Netherlands. Based on our background and experience, we strive to make a leap into the leading position in the current fashion scene.


With an unconventional portfolio of brands, Blosh is lucrative in its ability to cover a large market share and satisfy a broad target audience. It fuses exclusive and commercial brands and exhibits all products at an inspiring location.

The knowledge Blosh gained from operating successfully in the fashion branche, has led to developing own brands. While Blosh never loses focus on the needs of the client, next to the distribution of other brands, she designs and develops her own niche and commercial brands. With a strongly client-oriented approach, Blosh seeks to form a unique bond with each client and find a suitable solution, while enhancing the bond between effective distribution, development and efficient service.

B lueprint for fashion
L oving our clients
O pen minded for expansion
S olid team
H igh-end service

Blosh is currently a successful fashion distributor and brand developer within the Netherlands, featuring high-brand awareness and boasting a wide variety of brands and collections. It delivers through a well-developed retail network, powered by a professional network of individuals who are responsible for the prosperity of the company. Each brand is created based on a unique philosophy and position within the market, and additionally monitored through its relationship within the store. Blosh is specific in its aims, measurable by time and continuously realistic in its goals, yet always aiming for the sky.

The in-house marketing and PR department is a vital part of our Blosh team. The department can be best categorized as a group of strategic (online-) specialists for fashion, consistently working and planning ahead for the success of our labels. They use their experience, creativity, dedication, innovation and continuous search for renewal to the strategy for its promotion chosen by Blosh. The department works closely together with the label managers and designers to improve the cooperation with their clients in the retail trade, while building a strong relationship with the client. Based on mutual trust and appreciation. They welcome our new and existing brands into a special PR showroom, offering tailor-made PR services and reacting quickly and efficiently to cater the requests of the clients and the press.